Battalion™ II Inshore Spinning

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Mariner® II Boat Spinning

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PENN® Spinning Rods — Manufacturing Excellence

With their forgiving bend and steady-as-she-goes no-slip grip, the PENN® line of Spinning Rods are an example of manufacturing excellence when it comes to producing a high-end affordable rod with no compromises – they are simply the best value rods on the market today. Designed for inshore fishing in shallow water, this collection of Offshore Spinning Rods and Boat Spinning Rods are tough, dependable, stylish and affordable. PENN® is the mark of performance, and in the Spinning Rod arena that means exceedingly lightweight and extremely powerful — in short, the perfect match for their hearty, high-performance Spinning Reel counterparts.

Top Line Surf, Boat & Jig Spinning Rods

The PENN® line of Inshore, Surf and Boat Spinning Rods, and Jig Spinning Rods provides all the versatility needed in fishing situations that call for serious spin casting performance. Casting in freshwater? Largemouth bass are widely heralded as the zenith of sportfishing fighters, not to mention king salmon, northern pike and trout. Enjoy a Spinning Rod that holds up to epic fighters. Saltwater Spinning Rod anglers fishing inshore, offshore, or nearshore (it’s easy to find your action and length and compare model specs) rely on PENN® for many reasons, and here are a few: extra strength tubular glass blank, solid glass tip, heavy duty Pac- Bay® reel seat for a secure lock on the reel foot and eliminates flex, rubber gimbals, and EVA Torque™ grips that won’t twist under a heavy load.