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  • How It’s Done: Redfish Bites with Captain Jot Owens
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    How It’s Done: Redfish Bites with Captain Jot Owens

    May is a prime month for casting artificial lures to Redfish, as they settle into their summer spots by early to mid-May. Captain Jot Owens, based in Wrightsville Beach, NC,...

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  • Inshore Fishing
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    Inshore Fishing

    Purpose built for close quarters combat; this is the battleground of Penn inshore. The most dynamic zone in fishing.

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  • PENN Low Profile Reels
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    PENN Low Profile Reels

    Introducing the Squall® and Fathom® low profile reels. Geared specifically for inshore anglers, these low profile reels are designed to withstand the harshest of saltwater environments.

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  • Sailfish Destinations
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    Sailfish Destinations

    Easy to access, easy to fish, and easy to enjoy, these hotspots offer any angler the opportunity to catch a billfish. These are the world's best Sailfish destinations.

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