Authority® Spinning

From $499.95

Fierce IV Spinning

From $79.95

Clash™ II Spinning

From $219.95

Fierce® III Reel

From $74.95 $64.99

Fierce® III Live Liner Reel

From $104.95 $94.99

Pursuit® III Spinning

From $44.99 $34.99

PENN® Spinning Reels Are An Anglers Dream

At PENN® we design all our gear to meet superior standards, but it’s no secret we take the most pride in our Spinning Reels. It’s a fact: a Saltwater Spinning Reel is a true-blue companion for serious anglers requiring the ultimate performer. We know fishing enthusiasts of all stripes respect our sleek designs. But this comprehensive line of Spinning Reels is not just for show. Their hearty-looking bodies hide a high-performance interior, ready for the moment when it’s time to show a biting sportfish no mercy — whether its thirty pounds or three hundred.

Known perhaps as much for our spin fishing dominance than anything, our reputation has placed our reels on the list of Top Spinning Reels across scores of esteemed publications. Discerning sport fishing experts consistently champion PENN® as the best spinning reel an angler could own. All-day casting, light inshore or offshore work, plenty of velvety drag even when pushed to their limits…the guts of these machines are highly engineered and made to hold up over time and fully protected from the elements.

Saltwater Reel: Every Angler’s Soul Mate

Every angler wants the best from a quality Spinning Reel, and we take pleasure in the versatile price points of these reels allowing every saltwater dreamer to find their spinning soul mate. Heavy-duty tarpon battle? PENN® is the reel you want on the business end. Captain on the job handing over the gear to a client? Full confidence goes to these bulletproof battlers when the fun starts. Starting with their full metal bodies, CNC Gear™ technology, Sealed Slammer® drag system with propriety Dura-Drag™, all reels feature updated technology developed from a decades-old foundation of fine manufacturing.

The Best Battle Requires The Best Spinning Reel

Take a closer look at the Fierce III for buttery smooth action. The Spinfisher® VI rivals any saltwater reel for its resilience over time to the harsh saltwater environment thanks to the IPX5 sealing technology. And any great catch will be daunted by the Slammer III, for maximum smoothness and efficiency to ensure readiness for the most grueling offshore battles.

Take time to look around, easily compare model specs on the series, choose gear ration and reel size, and find what suits your preferences and environment. But don’t take too much time — a good catch is waiting.