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Meet the Ulua

Standing on the expansive Hawaiian shoreline with the sun beating on your skin and the endless blue ocean stretching away from you, the world feels at peace. But, don’t let the serenity fool you. Beneath the salty waves a powerful beast is patrolling.

Few men are brave and patient enough to scale the massive cliffs and face the raging waves to battle the elusive monster below. However, those who can stand this epic test of strength, skill, and courage will bring home a trophy unlike any other.

Meet the Ulua

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Ulua How To

The powerful ulua is the catch of a lifetime. Bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than many fish in the ocean, reeling in one of these fish is the ultimate test of any saltwater angler. It’s not easy. It takes the right technique, gear, and fortitude to land one of these monsters. Discover everything you need to bring home an ulua.

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Hawaii Vacation

When people imagine a Hawaiian vacation, they often envision sipping fruity drinks and lounging on the shore. But as an angler, you know something bigger awaits off the coast of the island. Beneath the serene waters and endless sunshine, a powerful beast hides in the deep. It’s called the ulua. Go beyond the tourist pamphlets; here’s everything you need to know about planning a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian fishing vacation.

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Get the Ulua Gear

US Senator® Reel

A rod as robust as the Carnage II needs a reel to match. The PENN Senator® reel series was first launched in 1936 and has endured the test of time. The US Senator is the best Senator on the market, built in the U.S.A. of domestic and foreign components, with a hardy machined aluminum frame and stainless-steel gearing to withstand a heavy fight on the Hawaiian cliffs. It’s guaranteed to give you smooth drag and enhanced rigidity, even under the heavy load of the ulua.

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Penn Senator Reel

Carnage™ II Surf Conventional Ulua Rod

A fish like the ulua needs a rod just as powerful. We built the Carnage™ II Surf Ulua Rod with the Hawaiian waters in mind. Designed with nearly indestructible guides and heavy-duty components that give it incredible strength and durability, this rod is perfect for combat fishing from the rocks and surf. Built for the islands and engineered to stand up against even the strongest fish, this rod will be your best weapon against the mighty ulua.

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Carnage™ II Surf Conventional Ulua Rod Carnage™ II Surf Conventional Ulua Rod close-up