Sailfish Destinations, Tactics & Experts

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Fisherman with line cast
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Underwater view of fish

Beyond the sweeping skylines and nightlife of Miami lies a battle in the deep blue. A fight that takes wit, endurance, and a healthy need for adrenaline. Your worthy opponent is the sailfish. A powerful beast that is not only fast, but strong. You will be guaranteed a spirited fight and another trophy catch with a show worth bragging about. Learn about the people, tools, and knowledge for your next sailfish expedition.

Easy to access, easy to fish, and easy to enjoy, these hotspots offer any angler the opportunity to catch a billfish.

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Close-up of reel

How to Hook, Fight, and Release Sailfish

Two experts share pro tactics for fooling finicky sailfish.

Captain on deck of boat

Meet PENN Fleet Captain Ray Rosher

Since 1979 Captain Rosher has built a legacy around chasing sailfish. Meet the legend and learn more on how a lifetime of innovation makes sailfishing easier for everyone.

Essential Sailfish Gear