Watch the Crocodile Bay Spinfisher® V Adventure

Newly Designed Reel Battles Crocodile Bay

The PENN® Spinfisher™ V has been on the water at some of the most exotic places on this planet. Recently, the reel that caused such a stir at the 2012 ICAST Show, winning the Best Saltwater Reel award, showed up at Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica, and PENN got the whole thing on video.

Watch the Video

"We wanted to give consumers an insider's look at the way we let some of the top editors and writers experience the reel first hand before it hits the market," said Chris Derrick, PENN Brand Marketing Manager. "The PENN Spinfisher V is a workhorse and we wanted go to one location where we could show what it can do against some of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean over three full days of fishing. We also are giving 50 consumers the same chance to experience the reel first hand on their home fishing grounds with the 50 Reels, 50 Days, 50th Anniversary Spinfisher V sweepstakes."

Considered the top saltwater spinning reel by saltwater anglers worldwide, the new PENN® Spinfisher V continues the 50-year legacy for the spinning reel that started in 1963 with the Greenie Series. Incorporating today's advancement in materials and technology, this fifth-generation reel has no rivals.

The full-metal body including sideplate and rotor is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater use. The Water Tight Design with six separate seals (nine on the Live Liner® models.)