PENN Vented Performance Shirts

Moisture Wicking with UPF 30 Treatment

Fishing conditions can be hot, humid and very uncomfortable but that’s no reason for the angler to suffer. PENN® introduces Vented Performance Shirts to keep fishermen stylish, cool and in the right frame of mind all day long while out on the water.

Made of 100-percent polyester, the shirts continuously wick away moisture. Additional features to keep the angler cool are front, underarm and back mesh vents designed for breathability. The rear vent stretches across the entire back of the shirt for full coverage, underarm vents are discreetly tailored, and the front vents are found on both sides of the chest as part of the pocket design. Light reflecting pastel color options include blue, yellow and tan.

The entire shirt is treated for UPF 30 sun protection. Additional angler-friendly features include button down collars to prevent the material from flapping in the wind and long sleeves that can be rolled up and held with a button holder. Twin pockets on the front have flaps that close securely with Velcro. The left pocket, with an embroidered PENN shield logo also has a side zipper entry. The shirt can be fashionably worn with the tail tucked in or left out.

Available in men’s sizes from medium to double-extra large, the new PENN Vented Performance Shirts have an MSRP of $49.99 and are available in September of 2014.