PENN Fathom Lever Drag (LD) and LD2

Letting the Angler Take Control

Offshore fishing is challenging enough with overly-aggressive fish determined to keep anglers at a disadvantange. The new PENN® Fathom™ Lever Drag reels take the advantage away from the fish and gives the edge to the angler. These full metal body reels offer many of the benefits of a fully machined version for a fraction of the investment.

The Fathom LD is offered in four sizes (five sizes in the two-speed model) to suit most bottom fishing techniques, including jigging, live bait or trolling. It doesn’t matter if it’s collecting bonita for bait, chasing yellowfin tuna or searching for sailfish. The Fathom features an adjustable lever drag that goes from free spooling to a 40-pound maximum drag thanks to the hesitation-free Dura Drag™ System.

The two-speed models feature the Quick Shift™ system for quick and easy changes with gear ratios ranging from 6.1-to-1 (retrieving 31 inches per crank) on the high setting to 2.5-to-1 (retrieving 21 inches) in the low setting. This versatility allows the angler to muscle strong-willed tuna when needed or pick up slack when the speedy sailfish heads towards the boat. Anglers using kites will appreciate the high speed retrieve when picking up slack line after a strike.

Each lightweight reel includes a die-cast aluminum frame and sideplates plus a forged/machined aluminum spool with weights ranging from 15.1 ounces for the size 15LD to 27.3 ounces for the size 60LD2. Strong, stainless-steel main and pinion gears are corrosion resistant as are the five shielded stainless-steel bearings. The stainless-steel gear train is machined and drilled for optimum toughness as well as weight reduction.

The braid-ready spool has line capacity rings to let the angler know how much line remains on the spool during the heat of battle. Lugs keep the reel securely fastened to the angler or boat with switchable lugs available on the size 60LD2.

Spool capacities of the Fathom LD and LD2 range from 355 yards of 12-pound test monofilament or 550 yards of 20-pound test braid on the size 15, to 480 yards of 40-pound test monofilament or 995 yards of 65-pound test braid on the size 60.

The Fathom LD and LD2 round out the Fathom family of reels. The new Fathom reels have an MSRP ranging from $199.95 to $299.95 and will be available in September of 2014.