Captain Ray Rosher and Miss Britt Win Sailfish Kick-Off Tournament

The team on Miss Britt, Captained by Ray Rosher, were able to fish their way to a first place finish at the 9th annual Sailfish Kick-Off Tournament in Coconut Grove Fla., past week. The team was using 20-pound Stren Stamina spooled on a PENN 16VS Custom International reel.

Rosher guided the team to victory in the "Big Boat" category with a total of 10 sailfish that were caught and released.

"This was a great weekend for the team, and with the help of PENN we were able to come away with the win," said Rosher. "Our equipment goes through a tremendous amount of stress, and it only makes sense to use the best. Miss Britt will use this tournament as a springboard into the upcoming season. We look forward to a great season."

The PENN International series gives the saltwater angler Dura-Drag washer that virtually eliminate hesitation, even under the strain that braided lines put on a reel. Equipped with a patented Quick Shift two-speed system, the PENN International V easily shifts into high or low gear. PENN International Reels are available in five sizes – 16VS, 30VSW, 50VSW, 70 VS and 80 VSW – to accommodate any saltwater fish.

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