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  • PENN® Bluewater Carnage® Boat Casting
    Bluewater Carnage™ rods are a custom designed and balanced for optimum performance regardless of the targeted offshore species. The family features a super strong one-piece graphite composite blank, with a woven carbon fiber outer shield for superior protection. Whether you are pitching live bait to sailfish or trolling, the Bluewater Carnage family has the rod for you. EVA torque foregrips are contoured to fit the hand perfectly and eliminate the rod from twisting while under heavy load. Fuji® SS "LR" turbo frames with Hardloy inserts are lightweight and use a unique shape that prevents the line from getting tangled. (Select Models.) Fuji SS "N" flared frames with Hardloy Inserts for superior strength. (Select Models.) Fuji SS "N" flared frames with deep-pressed Hardloy inserts. Hardloy deep-pressed inserts provide a larger surface area for securing the ring material to the frame. This provides a stronger bond for more durable, longer lasting guides. AFTCO rollers extend the life of your line by reducing friction at the key areas like the tip guide and stripper guide.
  • PENN® Regiment® Inshore Casting
    The Regiment™ is the top of the line PENN inshore rod featuring a lightweight and sensitive blended 36/30 ton graphite blank. Using the distinctive tapered frame design of Fuji® K guides, anglers will experience fewer wind knots as a result of line wrap around the guide frame.

    Rubber Gimbal The soft yet durable rubber gimbal is used on select models providing the same function as a traditional metal gimbal without the worries of scratching or cracking the gel coat on your boat. Rubber gimbals also help ease the pain that traditional metal gimbals can put on your body while fighting a fish.

    Hybra-Cork™ Grips Hybra- Cork™ grips utilize a unique blend of rubber and cork bonded to a lightweight core material that provides a more durable and stickier surface when wet or dry.

    Carbon Shield™ Regiment Inshore rods have a woven carbon fiber applied as an outer shield to protect rod blanks and guide wraps.